Best Books VI. – For Fantasy One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns) (9780062385468): Blake,  Kendare: Books

Title: One Dark Throne

Author: Kendare Blake

Summary:  In this novel, three sisters, Katharine, Arsinoe, and Mirabella must face the one thing that stands in their way of having the crown: each other. With new powers, secret talents, and unpreventable attacks, it is a battle amongst the three sisters to fight their way to the crown even if it means destroying each other in the process.

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Book Review of One Dark Throne: Coming Soon! The Princess Will Save You (Kingdoms of Sand and Sky, 1)  (9781250237422): Henning, Sarah: Books

Title: The Princess Will Save You

Author: Sarah Henning

Summary:  When her father, King Sendoa, mysteriously dies, Princess Amarande of Ardenia is given a choice: Marry a stranger at sixteen or lose her family’s crown. However, she was made to be a warrior not anything less. In attempt to force her choice, the neighboring kingdom kidnaps her true love, a stable boy by the name of Luca. With her kingdom about to go through a civil war and no one to trust, she goes in it alone to save not only Luca, but her future and kingdom.

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Book Review of The Princess Will Save You: Coming Soon! Red Queen (Red Queen, 1) (9780062310644): Aveyard, Victoria:  Books

Title: Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Summary:  In a world divided by blood – red or silver, the reds are commoners, ruled by silvers those who have god-like superpowers. For Mare Barrow, a seventeen-year-old red, it seems as though nothing will change until she finds herself working in the silver palace. Despite her red blood, she finds that she, herself, possesses a power of her own. The question is: What will she do with that new found power?

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Book Review of Red Queen: Coming Soon! The Gilded Ones (9781984848697): Forna, Namina: Books

Title: The Gilded Ones

Author: Namina Forna

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Deka lives in fear of the blood ceremony that will determine whether she will be a member of her village. However, the day of the ceremony, her blood does not turn red, it turns gold instead. Deka knows she will face a consequence worse than death. Until she decides to change her fate.

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Book Review of The Gilded Ones: Coming Soon! An Ember in the Ashes (9781595148049): Tahir, Sabaa: Books

Title: An Ember in the Ashes

Author: Sabaa Tahir

Summary: Laia is a slave, Elias is a soldier, and both are not free. When Laia’s brother is arrested for treason, Laia is forced to make a decision: Leave him be or make a deal with rebels in exchange for help. She meets Elias, who wants to be free and soon quickly realizes that their fates are intertwined together. Their choices will change the fate of everything.

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Book Review of An Ember in the Ashes: Coming Soon!

Notable Mentions:

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi

Caraval – Stephanie Garber

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas

Girls of Paper and Fire – Natasha Ngan and James Patterson

If you’ve read any of these novels or if there was one I didn’t mention let me know! Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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Author Spotlight III. – QE Priest

Interview with character from The Hunter Vampire by Q E Priest

Title: The Hunter Vampire

Author: QE Priest


I’d love to stalk victims and drain them. To drown myself in debauchery. To revel in all that being a vampire offers.

But, I can’t. I’m too busy hunting my own kind. They need to die.

If they didn’t want to be prey, they shouldn’t have made me a hunter.

QE Priest, The Hunter Vampire

Book Review on The Hunter Vampire:

This novel is filled with action! And vampires! Just to be clear, the vampire does not sparkle. This isn’t Twilight that’s for sure. In this action packed adventure of the vampire narrator, you’ll find yourself turning from page to page not wanting to put down the book until the very end with his witty comments and thoughts. He loves to stalk victims and drain them. To drown himself in debauchery. However, he is too busy hunting his own kind to enjoy it. If vampires didn’t want to become prey, they shouldn’t have made him a hunter. Doesn’t this plot sound interesting?! The plot is just as interesting as the story.

The writing is written well and flowed nicely. It is very obvious that the author had his work checked multiple times before publishing because as far as I could tell, there were no grammar mistakes and the sentences weren’t too long or too short. The descriptions really pull you into the story and the dialogue between each of the characters are realistic enough to where you aren’t questioning what they’re talking about. If you want to read a story that will pull you into the world of vampires (without sparkles, but blood and gore) I highly suggest this book!

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Writing Prompts IX. – Meet Cutes

Meet Cutes:

I. Character A is a worker at a museum and Character B is fascinated with all things history.

II. Character B saves Character A from getting run over by a car. (*Bonus: Lands on top of each other)

III. Character A catches Character B after Character B slips on ice.

IV. Both reach for the final donut at a bakery.

V. Character A is a mailman and Character B sends way too many letters for it to be normal.

VI. Both reach for the same book at a bookstore. (*Bonus: Ends up sharing the book with their shoulders touching)

VII. Character B doesn’t understand math and Character A happens to be in their class, they help Character B.

VIII. Both of their dogs fall in love with each other at first sight and run away from their owners to meet. Thus having character A and character B meet each other.

IX. Character A is swimming in the ocean when they start to drown and end up meeting Character B, who’s a mermaid.

X. Character A works as a florist, character B works at a cafe across the street, and one day a customer (character C) notices the two stare at one another; creating a situation in which they meet one another.

Best Books V. – For Romance To All the Boys I've Loved Before (1) (9781442426702): Han,  Jenny: Books

Title: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Author: Jenny Han

Summary:  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a novel about first loves and what happens when those first loves figure out that they were your first loves. Lara Jean Covey writes her heart and soul out when it comes to her feelings. Things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only. Until her letters that were meant to be kept a secret get mailed out and suddenly Lara Jean Covey’s love life goes from imaginary to reality.

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Book Review of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Read now! The Selection (The Selection, 1): Cass, Kiera: Books

Title: The Selection

Author: Kiera Cass

Summary:  A group of impoverished young women compete for a chance to live amongst the wealthy, where a rebellion is brewing. The selection is for a chance of a lifetime for thirty-five girls. The opportunity to escape the life that was laid out for them since the day they were born. However, all the glitz and glam is not all what it seems.

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Book Review of The SelectionComing Soon! Everything, Everything (9780553496673): Yoon, Nicola: Books

Title: Everything, Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Summary:  This novel features the main character Madeline “Maddy” Whittier, who is diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), which means she cannot leave her house, and hasn’t left her house for seventeen years. Then one day, a moving truck is seen next door in her neighborhood, and it happens to be a young man named Olly. Madeline is certain of two things: She is certain she will fall in love with Olly. She is also certain that it will be a disaster.

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Book Review of Everything, Everything: Read now! The Upside of Unrequited (9780062348708): Albertalli, Becky:  Books

Title: The Upside of Unrequited

Author: Becky Albertalli

Summary:  This novel follows the story of Molly Peskin-Suso, a crush prone teenage girl anxious for her first kiss who must navigate through having yet another crush, her sister Cassie’s first time falling in love, and the distance that is growing between them.

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Book Review of The Upside of Unrequited: Coming Soon! All the Bright Places (9780385755917): Niven, Jennifer: Books

Title: All the Bright Places

Author: Jennifer Niven

Summary:  This novel features two young adults that find each other on top of a bell tower. As they both struggle with their own emotional and physical scars of their past, they discover that the little moments can mean something more than what meets the eyes.

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Book Review of All the Bright Places: Coming Soon!

Notable Mentions:

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins

Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

Geekerella – Ashley Poston

Bookish and the Beast – Ashley Poston

Tweet Cute – Emma Lord

Meet Cute – Jennifer L. Armentrout, Dhonielle Clayton, Katie Cotugno, Jocelyn Davies, Nina LaCour, Emery Lord, Katharine McGee, and Kass Morgan

Love & Gelato – Jenna Evans Welch

The Sun is Also a Star – Nicola Yoon

What If It’s Us? – Adam Silver and Becky Albertalli

If you’ve read any of these novels or if there was one I didn’t mention let me know! Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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Writing Prompts VIII. – Dialogue II.


XI. “Ever since then I’ve been deeply afraid of the ocean and afraid of losing someone else…”

XII. “Cannot believe the con-artist met his match.”

XIII. “Opposites attract? Bullshit.”

XIV. “You’re supposed to be on my side!”

XV. “Better keep your mouth shut. You will not ruin this.”

XVI. “Do I wish to marry her? No. Must I for the sake of the house? Yes.”

XVII. “That crown is mine. The money is mine. The prince is mine.”

XVIII. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the cops on you right now.”

XIX. “Communication the old fashion way. No phones.”

XX. “Does the huff and puff smoker have a name?”

Writing Prompts VII. – Plots II.


VI. Character A has been in the background of other people’s lives for a long while. Years of constant traveling, new jobs, and aprons seemed like a good idea until they witnessed something she will never unsee. Will she survive? OR will they die being the lowly waitress they thought they were?

VII. Character A dealing with the stress of going to college, making new friends, and deals with their possible fading unrequited feelings for character C. Often stays up late overthinking. When they start talking to character B and walking together in an empty parking lot, they slowly get closer, and even leads them, their sweater to sleep in when it gets cold out. Character A starts developing feelings for character B and doesn’t know how to deal with all the emotions they are feeling.

VIII. Character A is the journalist. Character B is the con-artist. When they meet is a recipe for disaster.

IX. A painter often dreams of character A, but has never met them in real life and continues to paint them. Until one day the painter notices one of his paintings is empty only the scenery is left, and that character A, his painting has come to life.

X. Character A isn’t one for the holidays. Especially Christmas. Anything that has to do with it, they want no part in it, and tries to shut down the spirit. Character B is all for it. They adores the holidays. Mainly Christmas, blast the music loudly and decorate to their hearts content. When character B finds out that character A is spending the holidays alone, character B is even more determined to get closer to them and spread Christmas cheer.

Writing Prompts VI. – Song Lyrics

  • “I can be your new addiction” – Everybody Talks, Neon Trees
  • “I kinda wanna be more than friends” – Animal, Neon Trees
  • “‘Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street” – Drivers License, Olivia Rodrigo
  • “Now you see me now you don’t, I’m a ghost” – Ghost, Confetti
  • “How can you miss someone you’ve never met?” – IDK You Yet, Alexander23
  • “If I could go back to the day we met I probably would just stay in bed” – Do re mi, Blackbear
  • “I’m not your friend or anything, damn” – Therefore I am, Billie Eilish
  • “The shade of green that if he’d seen, would make F. Scott Fitzgerald cry” – I Don’t Miss You at All, FINNEAS
  • “But all I see if lonely people in crowded rooms” – This City, Sam Fischer
  • “But then again, kinda wish she were dead…” – Heather, Conan Gray