Author Spotlight III. – QE Priest

Interview with character from The Hunter Vampire by Q E Priest

Title: The Hunter Vampire

Author: QE Priest


I’d love to stalk victims and drain them. To drown myself in debauchery. To revel in all that being a vampire offers.

But, I can’t. I’m too busy hunting my own kind. They need to die.

If they didn’t want to be prey, they shouldn’t have made me a hunter.

QE Priest, The Hunter Vampire

Book Review on The Hunter Vampire:

This novel is filled with action! And vampires! Just to be clear, the vampire does not sparkle. This isn’t Twilight that’s for sure. In this action packed adventure of the vampire narrator, you’ll find yourself turning from page to page not wanting to put down the book until the very end with his witty comments and thoughts. He loves to stalk victims and drain them. To drown himself in debauchery. However, he is too busy hunting his own kind to enjoy it. If vampires didn’t want to become prey, they shouldn’t have made him a hunter. Doesn’t this plot sound interesting?! The plot is just as interesting as the story.

The writing is written well and flowed nicely. It is very obvious that the author had his work checked multiple times before publishing because as far as I could tell, there were no grammar mistakes and the sentences weren’t too long or too short. The descriptions really pull you into the story and the dialogue between each of the characters are realistic enough to where you aren’t questioning what they’re talking about. If you want to read a story that will pull you into the world of vampires (without sparkles, but blood and gore) I highly suggest this book!

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