Doing this would be starting with a paper cut and trying to bandage it with a machete.

– Jilly Gagnon, #Famous

Co-author of the Choose Your Own Misery books comes the story about #teenromance and #humilatingyourselfinfrontofmillions called #Famous by Jilly Gagnon.

This novel features the two main characters and narrators Rachel Ettinger and Kyle Bonham who go through a thrilling adventure of insta-fame. It’s a modern-day love story with a twist: Rachel likes Kyle, Rachel takes a photo of Kyle and posts it online, and Kyle instantly becomes insta-famous. What started out as a good-humored post turns into a viral post about Rachel having a crush on Kyle, everybody knows…including Kyle himself. Told from alternating points of view, a tale of love, fame, and falling in love in front of millions in this insta-famous story.

This novel is filled with heartfelt comedy about two young teens that find themselves in a sticky situation, #messy. Throughout the novel, I found myself laughing at some moments and feeling sorry for the two young teens at other moments. The story is realistic of how the internet works; taking the idea that someone can become insta-famous and have their whole world turned upside down in a matter of minutes. Unlike the other books I’ve reviewed there is no twist, but rather a heartfelt ending that will get the reader going #awe!

The writing was, sort of, #cringy. Most of the dialogue didn’t sound like what a young teen would say, but it doesn’t pull you out of the story. You still manage to feel immersed despite the dialogue being spotty. The characters, however, are lovely and manage to make you not fall in love them, but like them enough to feel certain emotions for them. For example, you feel for Rachel when she constantly reminds herself that Kyle wouldn’t want her and puts herself down. The story really makes you want to comfort the characters.

If you enjoyed the Choose Your Own Misery books or want to be introduced to Jilly Gagnon’s works, check out #Famous!

Recommended for those who are a fan of Jilly Gagnon or those who want a humorous story.

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