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I know that love is not finite.

Julie Buxbaum, Tell Me Three Things

New York Times bestseller Tell Me Three Things is written by Julie Buxbaum.

This novel features Jessie, who believes that everything about her life and herself is wrong. It had been 733 days since her mother’s death and her father moved on to a woman he met online; forcing Jessie to move across the country to live with her stepmother and her teenage son. When Jessie is thinking about going back to Chicago, she gets an email from a person named Somebody/Nobody (SN for short), she begins to rely on SN, and SN quickly becomes her closest friend. The only question is: Who is the person behind SN?

This novel is filled with romance. Not the typical cliché romance, but a sweet, believable, healthy, and realistic romance that makes your heart swoon. The story’s main plot is about finding out who SN is, is a bit boring though. The whole time Jessie is trying to find out who SN is, but never focuses on herself. Each guy she sees or speaks too, she believes that SN is that person and swoons over them. It gets a bit repetitive, but the overall mystery is enough to keep the readers hooked.

Nothing exciting happens in the story in terms of drama and action, but the mystery is exciting enough to make readers keep turning the page. However, I did find myself loving the banter at times between the mystery character and Jessie. The friendships throughout the story are also nice; Jessie and Scar have a nice moment together. The family conflict is really something that intrigued me, and I felt I connected to Jessie when she found it hard to communicate with her father. This story will leave you content with the ending.

If you enjoy young adult books with sappy endings you will certainly enjoy Tell Me Three Things, a book about romance and coming of age.

Recommended for those who are a fan of Julie Buxbaum or want to read a story of first love.

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