The Assassin Game

It’s Sunday.

I’m definitely alive, but that’s all I know.”

-Kirsty McKay, The Assassin Game

A mystery novel of who dunnit comes The Assassin Game by Kirsty McKay.

This novel features main character and narrator Cate at her isolated boarding school. At that boarding school Killer is more than just a game. It’s an elite secret society where members must avoid being “killed” by the Killer. Only the grand master knows who the “killer” is. Cate gets invited to the game and feels like she finally belongs at the school. Until the game becomes too real. Cate must figure out who the real assassin is before she becomes the next target.

I found myself falling in absolute love with this novel; I couldn’t put it down! This novel had me questioning who dunnit until the very end! Page after page I was changing my decision on who the real assassin is at least three times before I finally settled on a character that I thought was the real assassin. Without spoiling anything, I will say, I was wrong. The storyline will get you hooked right from the get-go as the moment you open up the chapter you are thrown in the initiation right before the game Killer begins.

There is a little bit of romance throughout the novel, but it doesn’t take away from the who dunnit mystery mood. Cate is not, I repeat not in a love triangle even though it seems like it in the very beginning; she makes it very clear who she has feelings for. The writing is very well written, it pulls you into the story, and the descriptions of the isolated boarding school will make you feel like you’re really there. It also gives you a good picture in your mind of what it looks like. This novel is one that you won’t be able to put down until the very end.

If you enjoy mystery you will certainly enjoy The Assassin Game, a thriller book about what happens when a murder game becomes too real.

Recommended for those who are a fan of Kirsty McKay or want to read a story of murder with a hint of romance.

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