The Lionheart’s Oath

I am honored and willing to protect the princess.

No matter what the cost.

– Genevieve Ainsworth

Natalia Luzu Esper, the princess, had grown up despising the people from the neighboring kingdom of Briony from the South and vice versa. When Natalia’s father weds her to the crown prince of Briony, her kingdoms sworn enemy, as a form of alliance, she struggles to make sense of her new life as a future Queen to be and to deal with a husband who cannot stand her all while realizing her feelings for the knight that is instructed to protect her on her journey.

Genevieve Ainsworth, the knight, had been assigned the duty of guarding Princess Natalia for her trip to the neighboring kingdom Briony for her arranged marriage. There are two problems, Genevieve discovers that someone is trying to assassinate the princess and she is hopelessly in love with the princess she is trying to protect.

There was no happy ending for Genevieve and Natalia, or at least they thought so. With an arranged marriage, assassination attempts, and a greater evil they didn’t think existed, their hidden feelings was the least of their problems.

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